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Are You in Search of the NFT Project of All NFT Projects? 
The World First Billion Dollar Fine Artist NFT DROP

NFTs that are Ready to POP like Popcorn

Ehsan is Picasso 2.0 ~ as if Picasso Reincarnated

with Cubism Vivid Colors

- RichieRich Founder of

Screen Shot 2022-02-05 at 11.30.52 AM.png

To get on the whitelist and RSVP for an online zoom presentation of this magnificent NFT opportunity simply send a text message with the word

NFT to +1-844-720-0476 

You'll receive a Zoom ID and Password. Then put the day and time of the presentation in your calendar.

or watch a pre-recorded presentation here...

Ehsan Pic.jpeg
Ehsan Signature.jpeg

VOUP Center (Vision of Unity and Peace Project)

MetaVerse made with 4000 One-of-One unique available NFTs and Original ARTs you get to own.

A Two sided 17 Stories Tall Monolith soon appearing in the real world in all countries and all MetaVerses.

Question: If you ever wanted something meaningful for yourself, family, country, and humanity what is it?

Answer: World Unity and Peace

If you are aligned with this answer, then "YOU" are the STAND for this Possibility!

And You will be doing your part when you collect Ehsan's Original Art and NFTnized Art, your action will fuel and empower Ehsan's Unity and Peace Humanitarian Projects throughout the world, contributing to humanity achieving world unity and peace in this millennial. is Proud to Present "Ehsan" Vision of Unity and Peace the World First Billion Dollar Fine Art Artist with 2000 One-of-One Double Sided Artwork 17 Stories tall Monolith, Created in 19 Years, with 4000 42"x42" individual paintings and images.

NOTE to Collectors: To purchase genuine, authenticated Ehsan Originals, and NFT Art click and follow the links from this Official PAGE only, we will then take you to the marketplace.

Why Collect Ehsan's NFTs and Originals

Art Inspiring Global Peace
Vision of Unity and Peace (VOUP) Collection


World’s Largest Peace Painting. Equivalent to a 17 story building. 18 Years in the making.

2000 double sided painting (4000 images) coming together to inspire a Vision of Unity and Peace.

Ehsan Monolith.jpeg

Mission Statement


  1. To Inspire Global Peace. Be a global symbol demonstrating that through Unity, Peace is possible.

  2. To be a major Fine Art Luxury Brand and Give Half of our net Proceeds to vetted Charities.

  3. To build VOUP Centers across the world. These centers will generate and provide top programming, events, and services toward global humanitarian efforts.

Ehsan and His Unity & Peace Monolith

Watch the demonstration of

One of the actual Ehsan's painting that is part of the 2000 double sided “VOUP collection”.

Vision of Unity and Peace Collection Walkthrough by Ehsan 

Learn about Ehsan heart, his art, vision, why, and how?

Vision of Unity and Peace
17 Stories tall Monolith
And now as a NFTnized Collage

The World Largest Peace Painting

140 ft. wide by 175 ft. high - Roughly 17 Stories Tall 

Ehsan Monolith Back and front view.jpeg

Each actual 4000 drawing is 42" x 42"

For humanity to exist we must evolve into peaceful coexistence, and Ehsan Unity and Peace Monolith is an artist expression of infinite love that anyone can stand with, see, feel, touch and own.

It's the new 9th wonder of the world I believe, like a giant 4000 piece jigsaw puzzle but at the same time unlike one as each piece is a complete image that was imagined and created within one of 1673 Ehsan visions as he traveled in the "spiritual realms connected to the source energy" that inspired him to create this masterpiece.

And when all individual images are assembled it becomes a 17 stories tall Monolith revealing Ehsan Vision of Unity and Peace for Humanity as a

   A world 
wonderers creation 18 years in the making, and the most meaningful and desirable collectable Art and NFT that stands for all Humanity evolving together in total Unity and Peace in this millennial and into our infinite future.

p.s. I am in love with Ehsan creation, as I wanted to do my part to support unity and peace in the world. Fortunately I got the first dibs on Ehsan NFT offerings, so as soon my team could NFTnize his images I purchased #3, #6, #9 and #369 NFT Images from Ehsan's Unity and Peace Collection and #3, #6, #9 and #369 NFT Images from his NFTnized Peace DOVE series, to be auctioned off in the future, pledging 100% of the proceeds toward unity and peace movement and toward building at least one of Ehsan's Monolith somewhere in the world during my lifetime.

p.p.s. 369 is a Nicholas Tesla number it stands for compassion, idealism, and creative expression, resonating with philanthropic activities.

Whatever your number is the time is now to own one of Ehsan Originals and NFT's an Opportunity of a Lifetime.

~ Richard Hart Founder of 

Vision of Unity
Front side 2000 unique images

Vision of Peace
Back side 2000 unique images


<-- YES its Big! -->

Click the + - buttons to Zoom in/out, then click drag, pinch, swipe, up/down interact

The value of Ehsan's NFTnized Collage is Unknown

FYI: Christies Sold Beeple's Collage for $69.3 Million

Ehsan NFT Collage will be auctioned off when all his 2000 Double Sided NFTs of Vision of Unity and Peace collection are sold.

Are you interested in bidding on Ehsan's NFTnized Collage?

Enter your email to be notified when it becomes available for bidding, opening bid price will be set at unknown and the auction will conclude in 11 days.


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Collection FACTS - 4000 one-of-one NFTs available NOW!!!

Each double sided "Original" image plus double sided "NFTnized" digital version attached to the Original images opening bid prices starts at $1,000,000 to $10,000,000

Each double sided "NFTnized" digital version standalone floor price at opening bid is currently at $10,000


This last painting (the Pryer) is the last Finishing Piece of Ehsan Vision of Unity and Peace Collection

This Original Painting will be the Last Piece that would be Auctioned 

Are you interested in bidding on this Ehsan's NFTnized Original?

Enter your email to be notified when it becomes available for bidding, opening bid price will be set at unknown and the auction will conclude in 11 days.


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© All Rights Reserved by and Copyright by the Artist™ - To all Bad Actors take no risks as NFTnize security team is monitoring and our legal team will report and prosecute all copyright infringements to the full extend of the applicable law. Capeesh? Capisce? Capiche?
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