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Join NFTnize Affiliate Program and Make Wealth in Ethereum


NFTnize Affiliate Benefits

1-Make Ethereum from your referrals of Creators, Collectors, Investors and Affiliates.
2-Upon registering as an Affiliate you can instantly use your Unique Affiliate URL in your emails, text, ads, banners, blogs and your Social Media posts. i.e Yourname.NFTnizeTeam.io
3-You'll receive 3% Royalty for LIFE on NFTs you are the first buyer of.
Your Ethereum wallet will be programed into the NFTs SmartContract code at the of time NFTnization, that you can view and track on Ethereum NFT blockchain at anytime.

4-You'll receive 10% referral commission in "Ethereum" on buyers transactions you refer.
5-You'll receive up to 5% referral commission from the team below you that buy/sell NFTs.