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Join NFTnize Affiliate Program Get Paid/Make Wealth in Crypto


NFTnize Affiliate Benefits

1-As NFTnize Affiliates you can make Ethereum, Matic, Bitcoin, USDC, USDT from your referrals of the Creators, Collectors, and NFT Investors/Flippers.
2-Upon registering as an Affiliate you can instantly use your Unique Affiliate URL in your emails, text, ads, banners, blogs and your Social Media posts. i.e. YourReferralLink and drive traffic to website
3-You'll receive 10% referral commission in "Crypto" on buyers transactions that you refer, just send them your YourReferralLink which will bring them to website while our system will track and pay to your crypto wallet whenever your  
Buyers/Collectors/Investors makes a purchase.
4-You will receive 1% of all NFTs flip royalties from the Creators/Artists that you refer/onboard the Marketplace. Your Crypto wallet will be programed into the NFTs SmartContract code at the of time NFTnization of the artists entire collection that you referred, and you can view and track all transactions on the Artists NFTnized NFTs on blockchain at anytime. This is for the artists that NFTnize curates and market for, and does not apply to do-it-yourself artists that get onboarded.
5-You'll receive 3% Royalty for LIFE on NFTs that you are the first buyer of and you'll get the first dibs on all hot NFT projects that NFTnize releases.

We pay you based on two Tiers
Tier Level 1 - You earn 10% commission on your direct pre-NFT Buyers referrals.
Tier Level 2 - You earn 5% commissions from your indirect
pre-NFT Buyers referrals (from the Affiliates directly under you)

Click and
Become a NFTnize Affiliate Today

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