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Dear valued customers,

We would like to inform you that all sales of digital collectibles NFTs, including any digital art or other NFTs purchased from us, are final once a purchase is made. As NFTs are based on immutable blockchain technology, it is not possible for us to offer refunds or accept returns. Once you make a purchase, you become the owner of the NFT, and you can sell or trade it at any time on the secondary NFT marketplaces that support the same NFT blockchain.


For instance, ETH and Polygon NFTs are sold on Polygon Marketplaces, and NFTs on Solana, BNB, ADA, Tezo, etc., blockchains are listable and sellable on their respective NFT marketplaces.


Most of NFTnize NFTs are on Polygon/MATIC Blockchain because of the low gas fees and minimal environmental impact.

We kindly ask you to carefully consider your purchase before completing the transaction to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your selection.


We understand that this may be different from traditional purchases of physical goods, but the unique characteristics of NFTs make it impossible for us to offer refunds or accept returns.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We appreciate your understanding of our policy.

Best regards,


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