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Thank you for your purchase!

Please take a moment to check your email, including your spam box, for an email from NFTnize. This email will contain instructions on how to access your NFT.


If you are pleased with your purchase, consider sharing it with your friends and followers. By inviting them to this amazing project and referring them to make a purchase, you earn up to 15% commission on their purchase as an affiliate.

Joining the NFTnize Affiliate Program is completely free and easy.


As an affiliate, you have the opportunity to earn both US Dollars and/or popular crypto currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. When your referrals purchase using your unique affiliate URL, we will pay you in the same currency that they used to make their purchase.

Thank you for choosing NFTnize!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.


NFTnize Affiliate Benefits

  1. By becoming an NFTnize Affiliate, you can earn US Dollar, Ethereum, Matic, Bitcoin, USDC, and USDT from your referrals of creators, collectors, and NFT investors/flippers.

  2. Upon registering as an affiliate, you can immediately use your unique affiliate URL in emails, texts, ads, banners, blogs, and social media posts. Your referral link will direct traffic to the website.

  3. You will receive a 10% referral commission any transactions made by buyers you referred. Simply send them your referral link, and our system will track and pay your commission to your crypto wallet when your referred buyers, collectors, or investors make a purchase.

  4. If you refer or onboard creators/artists to the marketplace, you will receive 1% of all NFT flip royalties from the artists you referred. Your crypto wallet will be programmed into the NFTs Smart Contract code when the artist's entire collection is NFTnized, and you can track all transactions on the artist's NFTnized NFTs on the blockchain. This only applies to artists curated and marketed by NFTnize and not the do-it-yourself artists who onboard themselves and NFTnize their own work.

  5. All first buyer of NFTnized NFTs will receive a 3% royalty for life, and as an affiliate  you will have the first opportunity first dibs to purchase all of the hot NFT projects that NFTnize releases.

We pay you based on two Tiers
Tier Level 1 - You earn 10% commission on your direct pre-NFT Buyers referrals.
Tier Level 2 - You earn 5% commissions from your indirect
pre-NFT Buyers referrals (from the Affiliates directly under you)

Become a NFTnize Affiliate Today

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