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Investors Profit as a Surrogate Parent of  pre-NFTDrops  
Get the FirstDibs on NFT Drops at Stage of Conception


Make 3% Royalty for life with
NFTnize First Dibs pre-NFTs


First Dibbers Benefits

1-Be amongst the first to preview an NFT that is soon to be hatched.
2-Alerts via text and email. You will be invited to preview the pre-NFTs offered by our Artists and Collectors whom we have formed an exclusive relationship and are 100% Authenticated by NFTnize.

3-You simply buy the pre-NFTs of your choice, This means no Auctions, no Competition, and no Waiting. And you'll have the FirstDibs on the upcoming pre-NFTs.
4-You can use any form of payment such as a Credit Card to make your purchase.
5-You receive 3% royalty on all re-sell of the NFTs for the life of the NFT. 
6-Your pre-NFT purchase makes you a Royalty member and you can receive 3% Royalty on all resell of the pre-NFTs you buy and flip.

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